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The Hip Resistance Band

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When the hips are weak, muscle imbalances can begin to develop in the surrounding areas of the body. The way you walk and move changes. These imbalances can pull your bones out of their natural alignment. Over time, this creates wear and tear on the structures of your body and leads to pain.

This premium, soft, non-slip, 3” wide band will stay in place for all your squats, hip thrusts, and glute bridges.
EASY TO USE: The Hip Resistance Band is the perfect tool for strengthening your hips after releasing your hip flexors and arrives with a manual of PT-approved exercises to get you started.
REDUCE PAIN: Improve the symptoms of weak hips that can cause hip, lower back, and SI joint pain.
IMPROVE POSTURE: A strong core helps to maintain good posture and reverse the effects of sitting.
STAY ALIGNED: When the outside of your hips are strong, your end up in better alignment in your spine and pelvis.
IMPROVE PERFORMANCE: Get an edge with one of the most popular strength tools for athletes and rehabilitation.
TRAVEL READY: Medium resistance band (30-50 lbs), 3.15 x 15 inches when laid flat. The band is perfect for the gym, hotel, home, or office. 
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