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Tight Hip, Twisted Core: The Key To Unresolved Pain

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Tight Hip, Twisted Core: The Key To Unresolved Pain

In her bestselling book, Tight Hip, Twisted Core, licensed Physical Therapist, Christine Koth reveals the key to realigning your body and ending unsolvable pain.  

Based on 20+ years of study and clinical practice, the book gives you the Three Simple Steps to better align your body and live a pain-free life without surgeries, medications, or thousands of dollars.

What if the underlying cause of your pain is a tight and unrecognized muscle in your hip that is just waiting for attention?

Do you have pain in your back, tailbone, pelvis, hip, knee, or foot that won't go away, no matter what you try? All of these issues can persist because of tightness in the iliacus (sounds like "silly yak kiss"), a muscle in your hip that is part of what is commonly called the "hip flexor."

Most people don't even know they have an iliacus, let alone understand how it's affecting their life, causing pain with sitting, exercise, sexual positions, and sleep. The truth is that almost everyone has tightness in this area and this tightness twists the core of the body. As a result of too much sitting, driving, running, biking, kicking, heavy lifting, yoga, dance, gymnastics, or stress, a tight hip could be the missing link to enjoying a pain-free life.

In Tight Hip, Twisted Core you will:

  • Discover how this muscle impacts your body from head to toe
  • Determine if you are one of the millions of people with a tight iliacus muscle and why
  • Release the tension in the muscle for good
  • Get your body aligned for pain-free performance
  • Prevent this muscle from getting tight ever again

Based on decades of physical therapy study and clinical practice, this book outlines 3 simple steps to get your hip healthy and your core aligned, helping you resolve your pain without expensive treatments, surgeries, and medications.

"I am astounded by Christine's ability to clearly articulate this mysterious concept in a way that anyone can understand it. This is a huge discovery in how the hip area works, and how one tight muscle affects the rest of the body. This book will significantly impact the way health care professionals treat the hip from now on." - Zach

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  • What type of issue brought you to this product? Iliacus pain, SI joint pain, scoliosis
  • What activity do you believe is responsible for this issue? multiple pregnancies, always carrying my babies/toddlers on my left hip, genetics? - scoliosis, yoga
  • How could we have made this product easier to use? It's perfect, don't change a thing!
  • How effective was this tool at releasing tension? Not so greatOkIt's magical!

The Best Thing About 2020

This book is AMAZING, PROFOUND and LIFE-CHANGING! Here's why. My first experience with hip pain began 30 years ago during my 4th of 6 pregnancies. I saw a naturopath who pulled, tugged and torqued on my right leg to restore equal leg length.... or so he said. The pain quieted down for several years. Next there was sudden low back pain after baby #5 arrived. Egoscue's book 'Pain Free' helped. When my 6th child entered 10th grade I pursued yoga teacher training as I was looking to re-invent myself as the empty nest loomed. During my training I noticed immense tightness during bent knee twists to the right. Hummm.....strange? About 4 years into teaching yoga at a local community college SI joint pain came on with a vengeance! I developed SIBO. Physical therapy helped however the SI pain recurred repeatedly. Why?? Then a spinal X-RAY provided the shocking 'diagnosis' - scoliosis. What?? How could I make it to age 62 and not know I had a 33 degree right C-shaped scoliosis from T12 - L4?? I was crushed. I quit my yoga teaching job. So I set out to 'fix' my deformed spine. I attended a brutal, 2-week long chiropractic bootcamp for scoliosis, bought a traction chair and after 6-weeks of following an extensive exercise/traction protocol....my curve reverted from 19 back to 33 degrees. Next came an online scoliosis correction protocol, then Egoscue and my pain kept morphing, ebbing and flowing but mostly worsening. Last year I discovered the Spiral Stabilization Clinic in Prague, Czech Republic....contacted one of their therapists in London and spent 2 weeks at the clinic in Prague. After 16 months of daily practice my pain was much better however it was unpredictable and still shifting and morphing. I never felt the Spiral Stabilization program specifically addressed lumbar scoliosis. About 8 months ago I developed ileocecal valve syndrome. What next?! Now the Spiral Stabilization exercises that brought relief seemed to be tightening my whole core and amplifying my pain in new ways. I moved like a robot as any spinal flexion caused sheering pain until my muscles warmed up. I could only spend an hour or so either sitting or standing before having to lie down, rest and pray the pain would quiet down. My right side ached insanely. 5 of my 6 children were born at home - I have a REALLY high pain tolerance but the relentless, unpredictable nature of the pain I was experiencing was causing bouts of depression. I found myself digging my fingers into my right illium in an attempt to relieve the pain. Then I remembered a course I took years ago called 'Touch for Health' and decided to check the course manual to see what the iliacus muscle was an indicator muscle for. Hummm....ileocecal valve issues! Wow! So how do I 'fix' this?? As fate would have it.....I learned about a new cranial sacral/polarity/massage therapist/Energy Medicine 'guru' named Michael who had relocated to my small town from Colorado. There are no accidents in life! When he worked at releasing my iliacus the first time it was intense! He told me about the Hip Hook. I ordered it as soon as I got home. My first Hip Hook exploration after watching several of Christine's very well done video tutorials was really difficult. The next day was rough. I set the device to the side in frustration. A week or so later I watched Christine's interview/Podcast with Dr. Bri "The Effect of the Iliacus on Digestion and Pelvic Health." When their conversation shifted to SIBO I almost fell off my chair. I kept screaming, 'root cause!!, root cause!!' Now it is all coming together! OMG, I have to get her book and I HAVE TO GET BACK ON THAT HIP HOOK! . . . . which I did and just like she says on her website, it will get easier and easier once the iliacus starts releasing and calms down. It would be hard to find the words to convey what a remarkable change has occurred in my body over the last 2 weeks of daily (sometimes twice daily) work using the Hip Hook, your 4" ball and the brilliantly simple and doable sequence described in your book. I went from an engaging, fun, expansive, though short-lived career as a yoga teacher and being an avid hiker of the Grand Canyon to being left behind, left out, in near constant pain, depression, loneliness and fear to a place of hopefulness and curiosity about what my future will evolve into now that I am armed with the tools Christine has created. I hope you sell millions of your Hip Hooks, special 4" balls and that your book becomes a Best Seller! As a former Occupational Therapist I must say I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your background as a curious and obviously gifted P.T. I will be eternally grateful for the brilliant work you do in this world and the amazing change it is allowing me to create in my body, mind and spirit! Thank you Christine!

United States United States
  • What type of issue brought you to this product? Tendonitis/ foot pain that led me to understand that my psoas was the root cause of my grief.
  • What activity do you believe is responsible for this issue? I sprained my hip flexor in 2005 doing calisthenics for track. My core was weakened with back-to-back pregnancies followed by abdominal surgery.
  • How effective was this tool at releasing tension? Not so greatOkIt's magical!

Hip Hook

My tight hip causes tendonitis in my posterior tibialis muscles, not to mention poor range of motion and my hip popping a lot. The first time that I used this product, I could feel muscles spasm and release across my abdomen, back, glutes, up my back, and down to my ankles. It was quite uncomfortable, but not to the same extent that a Physical Therapist or Massage Therapist digs in. It seemed to relax in layers and gradually went deeper as the muscles above it relaxed.

Shannon C.
United States United States

Aletha Health

Hi Shannon, Everything that you mentioned with how your body reacted when using the Hip Hook is totally fine. That is great to hear that the muscles began to relax as you continued to apply the pressure. Happy muscles don't hurt, and that discomfort should be able to improve over time as you continue to release the tension that has built up in your hip flexors. Consistency is key! Please keep us posted on how you are doing and feel free to reach out to us at hello@alethasupport.com with any questions. Live with Ease, Team Aletha

  • What type of issue brought you to this product? My gimp that shifted to a limp that shifted to a hobble.
  • What activity do you believe is responsible for this issue? Walking, hiking, sitting and just being happy in my body again.
  • How effective was this tool at releasing tension? Not so greatOkIt's magical!


I am getting my mobility and balance back. It has helped me from the top of my neck to the bottoms of my feet. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. My goal is to be hiking further, faster and in more comfort by Christmas and possibly without hiking sticks in the summer. ( and to be able to do stairs again...) I send your promo out to all my family and friends.

Pls d.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Great Read

Eliminated my hip pain in 2 weeks. I was suffering with the pain for 2 years.

Micah H.
United States
I recommend this product

Great product

The nuckle has helped my neck release when needed, which is regularly since i side sleep. The hip hook has helped me begin to loosen those evasive iliacus and soas muscles. So glad i tried them. I’ve recommended these tools to friends.

Bennett S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Amazing product for runners

I did not realize how tight my hips actually have been for years!! I have been struggling with pain on my left side and lower back since the beginning of the Pandemic. I began using Hip Hook and read the book as well (incredibly informative and easy to understand) and within one week my pain began to noticeably diminish. Now, about a month later, I feel like I have full mobility back. I am running with ease and not experiencing pain. It’s a miracle!

Debra K.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Very informative

I'm more than 1/2 way through this book. I find it very informative and enjoyable. I'm not new to understanding the musculature of the hip/pelvis/lower back, however this was written in a way that I've had quite a few enlightened moments. It is somehow taking information I knew a step further and giving me a good visual picture. It is also giving me a new respect for pain and understanding it is your body trying to communicate. I also love her description of the brain/body/pain interaction. I did purchase the hook tool and will use it when I get to that part of the book. I highly recommend this book and I am very happy I purchased it! Thank you...

Melissa M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

A must read

I ordered the hip hook along with the book and started using the hook while reading the book. It’s essential to read the book to gain better insight to “your” personal issues. The book teaches you the process and identifies other rehabilitation techniques that aggravate or benefit each of us. It changed the course of my treatment and I have shown it to my chiropractor/pt/massage therapist and doctor. Many will purchase the book. It stopped my downward spiraling from treatment I was getting and has helped us all come up with a much better treatment plan for Me. I highly recommend you get the book, hip hook and hip flexor release ball.

United States United States


It explained exactly how I was feeling and how to fix it myself.

Rhonda R.
United States United States
I recommend this product
  • What type of issue brought you to this product? Hip alignment
  • What activity do you believe is responsible for this issue? Sitting too much & hip flexor sprain

Excellent information

My hip was out of alignment for over 7 months. I tried yoga,stretching,acupuncture,chiropractor and nothing would put it back in place until I read this book. It really pinpointed the muscle I needed to concentrate on. Now I can walk without the fear of falling. I'm so grateful for the guidance! Thank you so much for writing this book!

Katherine M.
United States United States
I recommend this product
  • What type of issue brought you to this product? A client told me about their experience.
  • What activity do you believe is responsible for this issue? Wanted to read / use it myself, add to my self care toolkit

Great book!

Wow! An amazing book. I would love to give this book to all of my students, clients, family members and friends. I am a yoga teacher and a massage therapist, and Christine Koth's insight and advice is spot on! If you've ever wondered why your body hurts and can't seem to figure out what to do to make it better -- READ THIS BOOK! Fascinating and easy read. Concepts are written in a clear and inviting way. Great resources, images, exercises, and cautionary advice on how our day to day activities may in fact be causing our pain. Learn about trigger points, refered pain, trauma in the body, as well as how our body is connected (joints, ligaments, connective tissue; basic anatomy, and how the muscles work to support or fight each other in a tug of war). Hands down, buy this book, or even buy two (to give away)! You will want to share what you learn and experience!

Claire R.
United States United States
I recommend this product
  • What type of issue brought you to this product? I work with a patient population that spends a lot of time sitting (studying, watching TV, class, travel) and play a sport (FH) which also keeps them in a constantly hip flexed position causing a lot of tightness.
  • What activity do you believe is responsible for this issue? being alive in 2021, spending a lot of time seated.

Great compliment to the hip hook!

Great compliment to the hip hook, explains in layman's terms why this device is so beneficial and helps clinicians properly apply it. At first in can be intimidating to introduce patients to this scary looking device but the book made me confident in application.

Devin D.
United States United States
I recommend this product
  • What type of issue brought you to this product? Low back pain
  • What activity do you believe is responsible for this issue? C-section, hysterectomy, hip injury

Full of Great Information

Very educational and well written. The illustrations are useful and I felt like getting ahold of this book was a divine appointment.

Rochelle A.
United States United States
I recommend this product
  • What type of issue brought you to this product? Hip and low back pain
  • What activity do you believe is responsible for this issue? Sports injuries, work injuries, sitting

Great tool

I have suffered from tight hips for a long time. This is able to get into the ilopsoas where as others tools and practitoners have difficulty getting into. Well worth the money. The book is outstanding as well.

Michael T.
United States United States
  • What type of issue brought you to this product? muscular trauma
  • What activity do you believe is responsible for this issue? car accident and too much driving
  • How effective was this tool at releasing tension? Not so greatOkIt's magical!

My body worker said "You are a new person."

One week after using the Hip Hook I saw my LMT that I have been seeing regularly since a car wreck four years ago, and they said to me "You are a new person."

Jessica G.
United States United States