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Not all muscles are created equally. Order and priority matters.

hip hook fixes the core
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    It starts in your core

    First release the tension in your iliacus and psoas, resulting in optimal alignment of your core. From there, everything in our body works better.
    The Hip Hook
NUCKLE by Aletha relieves head, neck, and shoulder pain! Improves posture by addressing the key muscles responsible for rounded shoulders and forward head posture, tension headaches, migraines, jaw pain, and rotator cuff issues
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    The Brain Needs Circulation

    Next, release the tension in your neck and pecs to allow for optimal posture and premier functioning of your nervous system.
    The Nuckle
hip flexor release ball to release the back of the hips
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    It's All About Balance

    After releasing the key muscles at the core of your hips and neck, then the secondary muscles that play tug of war can be addressed.
    The Hip Release Ball
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    From a Place of Strength

    Your muscles aren't strong when they are tight and twisted. But now that you are released and aligned, specialized exercises will keep you there.
    The Hip Resistance Band

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